Racks and Enclosures

So, what's the difference between a server rack and an enclosure? Techinically, all enclosures contain racks, but not all racks have enclosures. A server rack is simply the framework upon which network equipment is mounted. Enclosures are racks fitted with side panels and front and rear doors. To "enclose" them, if you will. So which is better? It depends on your needs.

Open Racks Open Racks Keep equipment mostly exposed for more accessibility View Details
Enclosures Enclosures Provide an enclosed environment for your networking equipment View Details
Security & Lock Boxes Security & Lock Boxes Secure your rackmount equipment, routers, CPUs & more View Details
Wall Mount & Ceiling Wall Mount & Ceiling Free up floor space & provide network security & accessibility View Details
Rack Mount Power Strips Rack Mount Power Strips Provide power to your network components, directly in the rack View Details
Rack Cable Management Rack Cable Management Grommets, routing blanks, lacer bars & much more View Details
Hardware & Accessories Hardware & Accessories Screws, cage nuts, grounding equipment & rack mount lights View Details
Rack Shelves & Drawers Rack Shelves & Drawers Organize your network peripherals & securely maximize your space View Details
Rack Panels Rack Panels Give racks a clean look, increase rigidity, & facilitate airflow View Details
Rack Fans & Cooling Rack Fans & Cooling Cool air & redirect heat with fans, rear doors, AC units & more View Details
Fiber Optic Enclosures Fiber Optic Enclosures Rack/wall enclosures, outdoor cabinets & splice trays for fiber View Details
KVM Switches KVM Switches Control multiple PCs or server systems from a single console View Details


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